Inle Lake
Palaung Woman, Hsipaw
Palaung Woman, Hsipaw

A country you will remember, not for its landscapes or nature but for its amazing people and preserved culture. Recently opened to tourism and foreign economy, no doubt everything will change in few years. But for now, it’s a must-visit country of southeast Asia with its own way of life, food, friendly people, rich culture and also a way to travel in time.

Lots of people will tell you not to give your money to the government through train tickets or expensive entrance fees. Nowadays, this is changing, the government is building more schools and roads, providing electricity to remote villages… Money starts going in a good direction. And it’s not only from what I saw, it’s also my opinion from what I heard from locals. Of course, the best way to visit this country and help this people to live better is to travel by yourself and bye handcraft souvenirs, eat in restaurants owned by locals, homestay and share your best smile like they do.

Finally, a good advice before going would be to practice your gesture language and be prepared to experience pure disorganization. But this is part of Myanmar, so impatient travellers go your way!

My top 5 “Things to do” in Myanmar

  1. Experience a well-known Buddhist pilgrimage site among locals at Kyaik Htee Yoe Pagoda (Golden Rock)
  2. Hike around Hsipaw, meet tribes and homestay in remote villages
  3. Explore the ancient city of Bagan and its 2200 temples and pagodas
  4. Admire Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar
  5. Ride a boat on Inle Lake and experience the particular fishing techniques of local fishermen

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